The South Vs Randburg U8 12:20pm 28-10-2017

The South Vs Randburg U8 12:20pm 28-10-2017

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  • Kiyo

    Hi Jody Sorry the videos will be up first thing in the morning we just had some technical difficulties.

    Please Bare with us we are busy working on it

    Kind regards PPVSA Team

  • Kiyo

    Hi Jody

    Video is Up, i have also credited the video to your account sorry for the delay technical issues were greater than expected.

    we were also instructed to mute the sound due to some unwanted language we do apologize.

    This was also a concept/demo run so quality and speed will increase in the future please bare with us.

    Please note the site will also migrate in the near future due to naming rights but your profile and credits will migrate and you will receive an emails with updated info.

    Regards PPVSA Team

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